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Here are articles that have been recognized by the American Academy of Religion and the American Newswriters Association, and a few other favorites. Some are hyperlinks, others PDF’s.

2007 American Academy of Religion, Third Place, In-Depth News Reporting on Religion. Basim Usmani on guitar, and friend

“Hajj Travel Tests Many Pilgrims’ Patience,” The Washington Post, January 7, 2006. Whatever you pack for Mecca, pack patience. WAPO Hajj 010706

“The clash: Punk and Islam meet in a local band that shreds stereotypes,” The Boston Globe, April 18, 2006. And they’re still rockin’ today. BG Clash 041806

“Did Muhammad Really Say That?” The Washington Post, August 5, 2006. Muslims reexamine the sayings of Prophet Muhammad. WAPO Hadith 080506

“Talking Over the Din of War,” The Washington Post. August 12, 2006. As Muslims and Jews fight over land in the Middle East, Muslims and Jews in the U.S. fight to maintain common ground. WAPO Interfaith 081206

“Conservatives Attack Use of Koran for Oath,” The Washington Post, December 9, 2006. Congress’ first Muslim takes oath on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran. WAPO Oath 12060001


2008 Religion Newswriters Association, Finalist, Reporter of the Year Award. Masjid Al Quran

“Keeping the faithful,” The Boston Globe, April 9, 2007. A mosque where Malcolm X prayed turns 50 but faces a challenging future. BG MAQ 040907

“Producer eyes better TV, film roles for Muslims.” The Boston Globe, June 26, 2007. Play a terrorist again? BG Muslim Producer 062607

“Are Finance Charges in Islam’s Interest?” The Washington Post, July 28, 2007. Where would Prophet Muhammad bank? WAPO Finance A 072807

“A Common Faith, but Little Common Ground?” The Washington Post, September 8, 2007. Two conventions in the same city over the same weekend suggest a divide between African-American and immigrant Muslims. WAPO ISNA 090807

“Does U.S. Tolerate Anti-Muslim Speech?” The Christian Science Monitor. December 4, 2007. Let the generalizations fly. CSM Hate Speech 120407


2012  Religion Newswriters Association, Finalist, Reporter of the Year Award.Family in white from Mauritious Eid 2013 HP edit

“Beatification of WWII Martyrs Divides Lutherans, Catholics.” The HuffingtonPost, April 20, 2011. An ecumenical friendship born out of shared courage faces a modern-day challenge.

“Muslims battle to be official voice of U.S. Islam,” The Washington Post, May 20, 2011. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the Banna and Jasser families get together.

“9/11 Bullying: Muslim Teens Push Back,” The HuffingtonPost, September 8, 2011. “Does that feel like a towel to you,” the hijabi snapped at the bully. He never bothered her again.

“A New Imam, A New Outlook,” The Boston Globe, December 3, 2011. The new leader of New England’s largest mosque brings a welcoming vision.

“Lowes Among Companies That Have Pulled Ads From TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’ Reality Show,” The HuffingtonPost, December 9, 2011. But then Russell Simmons got involved.


Other Favorites Iftar 2013 at ISBCC

“The Quiet Muslim Heroes of World War II,” Saudi Aramco World, September / October 2014. Two films about extraordinary Muslims who faced the Nazis with courage and savvy.

“The Dragons’ Road to Rio,” Saudi Aramco World, July / August 2014. A cover story about the Bosnian national soccer team, mostly made-up of refugees and players who were kids during the 1992-95 Bosnian War, and how it helped heal the war-scarred nation.

“Gay Muslims come out in Toronto photo exhibit,” Religion News Service, June 13, 2014. No need for guilt in this relationship.

“Anti-Muslim speakers still popular in law enforcement training,” The Washington Post. March 12, 2014. After reading this, do you feel more safe or less safe?

“Precisely the Patch of Earth,” OneNationIndivisiable.org, August 2013. Jews, Muslims, and Christians embark on a pioneering interfaith idea in surprisingly cool and progressive Omaha.

“American Female Converts to Islam Face Growing Scrutiny,” The HuffingtonPost, April 29, 2013. My religion isn’t a hobby.

“Dude, you have no Quran,” National Catholic Reporter, September 23, 2010. Jeff Spicoli meets Saladin.

“Another Wound for Muslims Who Lost Loved Ones On 9/11,” The HuffingtonPost, September 8, 2010. The reader comments are telling about what’s wrong, and right, with the USA.

“Hard times for Iraqi newcomers,” The Boston Globe, April 19, 2010. They risked their lives to help Americans, we say thanks by letting them go homeless.

“The Religion Card,” The Progressive, February 2008. Presidential candidates kowtow to voter fears and conflate Muslims with terrorists. Progressive Religion Card 0208

“A home away from home,” The Boston Globe, January, 22, 2008. Somali refugees, some of whom had never seen pencils, snow or public displays of affection, adjust to life in Boston. BG Somalis 012208

“Extremism in our own communities?” Beliefnet.com, September 6, 2006. How did one mosque’s members react when they found out a radical had been preaching to their kids?

“Uncovering the truth,” The Los Angeles Times, September 18, 2005. Most Muslim women don’t veil themselves, yet they are less visible than those that do. LA Times Hijabs BW 091805

“The Challenges and Growth of Progressive Muslims,” The Alicia Patterson Foundation Reporter, 2005. A woman leads a prayer.












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