Testy Test 2


Testy Test 2 here, just another test. We test to test and test test and even once in a while we rest. But all’s we do mostly is test and test. At who’s behest, I don’t know, but I can tell you we really like to test. We test and test test and test and test and test and then we test some more. And that’s all before lunch. We test for this we test for that, we test for length, and we test for cats, and we test for mice and we test for dice. All kinds of dice and all kinds of mice.

But today we mainly want to see what a, say 400-words story might look like. So we test and test and keep writing test and test, for at least a few hundred more words. Or we could see what the tests are about an introduce funny animals, such as yaks and ostriches and lemurs and meercats. We could talk about the bovine, feline and equine, and see what they have in common, beyond having four legs and being mammals. One moos, one meows, and one nays. Can you guess which is which. And which one would you want most to ride on top of?

So we are about half-way there and I swear I never thought this could be so much fun. To test and type and test and type, and then maybe type and test and type in test. And like I said, all before lunch.

There are also tests for birds and plants and ants and turds, as well as goats and sheep fish in the deep. There are bears in the woods and kids in the hood. There are fish in the rivers and penguins who never shiver. There are snakes on the ground and dogs in the pound. There are birds in the skies and peaches and apples and blueberries and pumpkin and banana creme pies.

But that’s not all. We also talk about instruments. Yes, instruments I said. There are horns and drums played by bums and the Family Van Thorns. There are guitars from Mars and clarinets played by marionettes. And don’t forget the piano, the grandest yet most fundamental instruments of them all. Then there’s the bass, and the human voice, and bells and triangles and so much more.

Oh dear. I think I’ve digressed from the test, so now I should sign off until the next testy test test. [Tweet “Testy Test 2”]